Grantmaking Process | Deaconess Foundation
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Grantmaking Process

Initial Contact

The grantmaking process starts with a conversation between the organization and DF staff. This initial contact is mandatory for all applicants, even returning grantees. It is the beginning of the learning and review process and is intended to be a substantive discussion through which the Foundation and the organization can together decide on the content of any potential application. Those organizations that are invited to submit an application will be given an access code that will allow them to begin the application process. To schedule an initial meeting, please contact Program Officer Lissy Rand at or 216/741-4077. Please try to leave time between the meeting and the deadline; schedule these meetings no later than 3 weeks before the deadline whenever possible.

Application Submission

Applications to the Deaconess Foundation are submitted through our grants dashboard. Only those organizations that have received an access code are invited to apply.

Staff Review

President and CEO Deborah Vesy and/or Program Officer Lissy Rand follow up on applications to learn more. A visit to the organization and/or a conversation with agency leadership and relevant program director(s) may be scheduled. This process allows DF to develop a complete set of materials upon which decisions can be based.

Board Decision

The Charitable Giving Committee, comprised of all the members of DF’s Board, reviews the materials prepared by the staff and makes a funding determination. Applicants are informed of the Board’s decision via email.

Grant Agreement

The specific terms and conditions of each grant are summarized in a Grant Agreement, which is made available on the grants dashboard. Grant Agreements are reviewed and then submitted online. Funds will be released within 2 weeks of the Grant Agreement submission.

Grant Follow-Up Reports

Our reporting process has evolved over the past year. If you received a grant in 2014  or 2015 and haven’t yet submitted a final report, you may do so using whatever format you choose. The written report should tell us about the progress of the project and include a final expense and revenue budget. This report can be mailed to our office or emailed to

For grants made in 2016, a written report using a specific form will be required 12 months after the grant award or at the same time as the next request to DF, whichever comes first. Grantees will receive an email directing them to the Follow-Up Report form on the grants dashboard.  The Follow-Up Report will ask grantees  to reflect on their progress towards the goals, objectives, and performance measures identified in the proposal.

Mission Outreach Fund

The process for the Mission Outreach Fund is different, and is summarized here.