Deaconess Foundation – Committed to Workforce Development
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Deaconess Foundation helps people in need build careers that sustain them and their families.

Who We Are

Deaconess Foundation is a private foundation in Cuyahoga County committed to helping people in need build careers that sustain them and their families. We make grants to organizations and contribute to the workforce development ecosystem. Our goal is to partner with these organizations to build a community in which pathways to family-sustaining jobs and wages are visible and accessible to all.

What We Hope

By supporting the individual organizations and contributing to the broader employment ecosystem, we aim to support the following outcomes:


• A significant increase in the number of individuals earning a family-sustaining wage


• A significant reduction in the supply of jobs that are unfilled due to a shortage of suitable candidates


• Improved collaboration, coordination and impact within the workforce development ecosystem

Our Focus

We believe that career pathways to family-sustaining wages are our community’s best solution to poverty. Our focus on career pathways addresses one of our region’s most pressing challenges and fills a unique niche in local philanthropy.

Supporting Cuyahoga County’s Workforce Development

Learn more about this business-led workforce partnership focusing on manufacturing, healthcare and IT.